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A Quilt for Nana

010This small quilt was a long time coming for my mother in law. Years and years ago, I had bought fabric that matched her newly decorated basement and attempted a quilt that was far beyond my skill level at the time. Understandably, I got incredibly frustrated and set it aside.

Fast forward almost a decade to when I came across the leftover fabric that I had bought, I decided to make her a simple, fast disappearing nine patch. I pulled as much of the original fabric as I could and then added some white on white prints and some of my favorite texty print, How to Make Chicken Soup.I decided to make it very random by making my nine patches all different. Anything went as far as placement of the fabrics and colors. After I cut them down, I tried make sure there was balance and flow.

017I had a bit of fabric leftover and decided to get creative piecing the back with a few extra blocks. I quilted vines and leaves along with some loops. I even quilted a hidden message in it for her to find later.

021I love how this came out. While it is a small quilt, it fits her really well and it looks amazing in her not so newly decorated basement!


WIP Jacob’s Ladder

I’ve been working on the pieces for a Jacob’s Ladder quilt for about a month now here and there. I had just finished all of the scrappy four patches when germs distended on our home. First, the little man got the flu. He lovingly shared it with my mother-in-law and my hubby. I was fortunate to escape the bug. I thought that sanitizing the house and not sharing kisses protected me and while it did from the flu, I caught a nasty head cold that gave me a sinus infection. So for the past week and a half, progress on this top came to a screeching halt and all energy was spent on getting a the house healthy again.

I managed to sneak in a bit of time a few days ago to sew the half square triangles and today, I finally managed to get them pressed and trimmed. I pulled a lot of aqua and teal from my stash to make these. I even cut into a few of my top ten favorite fabrics!


I was just going to call it a day there but I couldn’t wait to see some of the possible layouts. I don’t have a real design wall, just a cheap flannel backed table cloth that I hang from the open beams. It works for the time being. Making a design wall is pretty low on my priorities at the moment.


I realized after I had changed the layout again that the bottom middle of this one wasn’t quite right but I hope it’s good enough that you see what I was going for.


I’d love to hear from you about which layout you like the best. I’m struggling to decide myself and would love some feedback from you guys!

(Sorry if you got this post twice! I’m learning wordpress on my new kindle fire and had a hiccup with some of the pics not showing up!)

Hexie WIP


My Mom gave me a Jelly roll of Kaffe Fasset’s 2011 fall line for my birthday this year. After debating many possible uses for it, I decided cut it all into 2 1/2 inch squares for making hexies. I also got a Sew Line glue stick from my Dad and have been loving how fast I can make these babies now,


I love the bright, busy and bold look of them when they are all together. I’ve been working on these on my break at work, and in the evening whenever I can, mostly after the little man has gone to bed on my weekends.


The plan in my head so far is to make the rectangle hexies a square by adding a solid fabric on the top and bottom, then turning every other block. I am stuck on what to use for the solid fabric. Looks like a trip to the fabric store is in my future!



Have a great day everyone!

A little bit about quilting

I am a fairly new quilter. I finished my first quilt 12 years ago, then started a project that was beyond my skill level and got discouraged and quit for many years. In my opinion, the best piece of advice for any new quilter is to keep it simple in the beginning. It’s not fun to pick a pattern and start working on it, only to get frustrated. You will get there! But for your first few quilts, simple designs are best.

I just finished a quilt for my best friend. I’m calling it Pinwheels and Flowers. Several years ago, I went to visit her in Brooklyn for the first time since she moved. She is an incredibly talented artist and has a collection of fun different artwork behind her bed and it gave me the inspiration for her quilt.

quilt in the garden!

quilt in the garden!

I do believe that this will be my last large quilt for a while. It took my 2 years and a new to me sewing machine to finish it! Smaller projects will help me develop my free motion quilting, and expanding my piecing skills, with the satisfaction of faster finishes.

Right now, I am working on a baby blanket for a coworker expecting their first child. I got the quilt sandwich basted and last night, started quilting it! I haven’t named it yet and am referring to it as my Negative Space EPP quilt.

In progress!

In progress!

A close up on the hexi quilting

A close up on the hexi quilting

I’m hoping that when I echo the giant hexagon that it will make it pop a bit more, if not, then it has been an awesome learning experience. I really like EEP and will have to play some more with it!