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Vortex Purse


My other sister also received a purse for Christmas this year. I made the panels for this vortex like purse by digging through my strips and using anything that was in the color spectrum. I had very little utility cloth left, so I did some reverse math to make the pattern. Once I had the size decided, I layered the utility cloth with batting and started sewing pieces down. I decided not to free motion over the panel once it was to size because I was concerned that it would distract from the piecing.


After the PDX Purse fiasco of assembling, I was much more confident in making this. It was still incredibly awkward sewing the top stitch and in some spots, you can really see where I got off track, but I’m happy to say that with each bag I make, it is getting easier and my skills are improving.


I did a mishmash of two different fabrics for the lining and a solid dark green for the pocket. The purse is only 14″ by 11″ so I didn’t install a snap or a flap for closing it. I also didn’t use duck cloth for the bottom of the bag like I did for the PDX Purse and my Tinkertote. I’m sure it will hold up well for my sister without it, and if it starts to get too worn, it just gives me an excuse to make her another one, right?!


Tinker Tote Finish


My friend Cat over at create, bought me a craftsy class of my choosing for my birthday back in July and much deliberating, I decided to take Quilt-As-You-Go Patchwork Bags. I had a great time making it! Tara does a great job teaching bag construction which is something I have struggled with in the past. This is the first time I was able to wrap my head around making something 3D. The zippered pocket lesson in the class blew my mind and I’m pretty happy with my first attempt at one!


When I make this again (and I will!) I am going to make the pocket a couple inches longer and deeper. I have a standard sized wallet and it almost doesn’t fit in it.


The Prescription for Chicken Soup fabric patches are my favorite parts of the whole bag! I love that fabric and am so glad that I bought a yard of it when I normally only buy half yards if I don’t have an immediate plan for it.

Have a great day!