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WIP Jacob’s Ladder

I’ve been working on the pieces for a Jacob’s Ladder quilt for about a month now here and there. I had just finished all of the scrappy four patches when germs distended on our home. First, the little man got the flu. He lovingly shared it with my mother-in-law and my hubby. I was fortunate to escape the bug. I thought that sanitizing the house and not sharing kisses protected me and while it did from the flu, I caught a nasty head cold that gave me a sinus infection. So for the past week and a half, progress on this top came to a screeching halt and all energy was spent on getting a the house healthy again.

I managed to sneak in a bit of time a few days ago to sew the half square triangles and today, I finally managed to get them pressed and trimmed. I pulled a lot of aqua and teal from my stash to make these. I even cut into a few of my top ten favorite fabrics!


I was just going to call it a day there but I couldn’t wait to see some of the possible layouts. I don’t have a real design wall, just a cheap flannel backed table cloth that I hang from the open beams. It works for the time being. Making a design wall is pretty low on my priorities at the moment.


I realized after I had changed the layout again that the bottom middle of this one wasn’t quite right but I hope it’s good enough that you see what I was going for.


I’d love to hear from you about which layout you like the best. I’m struggling to decide myself and would love some feedback from you guys!

(Sorry if you got this post twice! I’m learning wordpress on my new kindle fire and had a hiccup with some of the pics not showing up!)


Vortex Purse


My other sister also received a purse for Christmas this year. I made the panels for this vortex like purse by digging through my strips and using anything that was in the color spectrum. I had very little utility cloth left, so I did some reverse math to make the pattern. Once I had the size decided, I layered the utility cloth with batting and started sewing pieces down. I decided not to free motion over the panel once it was to size because I was concerned that it would distract from the piecing.


After the PDX Purse fiasco of assembling, I was much more confident in making this. It was still incredibly awkward sewing the top stitch and in some spots, you can really see where I got off track, but I’m happy to say that with each bag I make, it is getting easier and my skills are improving.


I did a mishmash of two different fabrics for the lining and a solid dark green for the pocket. The purse is only 14″ by 11″ so I didn’t install a snap or a flap for closing it. I also didn’t use duck cloth for the bottom of the bag like I did for the PDX Purse and my Tinkertote. I’m sure it will hold up well for my sister without it, and if it starts to get too worn, it just gives me an excuse to make her another one, right?!

Rock me mama

A few months ago in May, my mom got married to a wonderful man at her home in Tennessee. With the long plane ride, I knew I’d need some small hand work to keep me occupied, so I tried making hexies for the first time. I bought a charm pack of Basic Grey Curio and a couple packs of 1 inch, die cut hexagons. At the time, I was just making them for the fun of it, thinking of all the different ways I’d use them. The night before my flight, I threw out my lower back. I was able to fly, but once there, I couldn’t do much but sit in a rocking chair, making hexies  in the barn, while my family bussled about me, getting ready for the party. Mom works for an awesome chiropractor and the next day he fixed me up.

The party for the wedding was a blast. We celebrated until early morning, when I would normally be getting up for work. The next morning was SLOW. We were being lazy, sitting on the couch on the porch overlooking the farm. It was beautiful and so peaceful. My oldest sister played music from her Kindle and Wagon Wheel came on.

I was sewing the hexies together to make triangles while the music played, still unsure how I was going to use them. It was hard to leave for home when the time came. By the time I was home again I had made five of the six triangles and I knew I wanted to use them for a baby quilt for a coworker. I call this quilt Rock me, Mama because of the song plus it’s a super cute name baby quilt. It is 41×45.

I randomly pieced the back from bits of my stash. They painted the nursery lavender, so I pulled what little I had in my stash and added on randomly.

The back

My local quilt shop owner helped me pick out the binding. With such different sides, I asked for assistance from a pro. She picked one of the fabrics from Curio and I’m so glade she did! I really think it gives the front the pop it needed, and blends well with the back.

The binding

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