These adorable Corgi pillows went to my sister-in-law, owner of the cutest Corgi, Scooter. I made the silhouettes by going to her facebook page and tracing pictures she had posted of him. Then, I traced it on the wrong side of my fabric and used needle turned applique to finish the edges.


This was the first time I had also tried paper piecing. Once I got the feel for it, and a better eye for judging how big my fabric needs to be for each piece, I had fun making the stars. I will definitely be using paper piecing again, it is a great way to make complicated blocks and have all the points meet.


On the second pillow, I pulled all the lime, aqua and teal fabric could find and made these tiny plus blocks. The finished squares are only an inch! Some of the smallest piecing I have ever done!

Check out Pillow Pallooza Part 1 andPart 2 to see the other cute pillows I’ve made! Thanks for stopping by, and I hope every one has a great day!


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