My “Studio”

I am very fortunate to have a space in my house where I’ve set up my sewing stuff. In the past, I’ve used a table in my in-laws basement and before that, I used my dining room table. Both worked at the time but nothing beats having a space in my own house that I don’t have to set up and tear down every night! My basement is unfinished so it lends a certain shall we say, charm to the space.


Notice the books and bricks my tables are propped up on to make them taller so I don’t injure my back! Even then, they aren’t quite tall enough for cutting or ironing comfortable for long periods of time. A few years ago, I invested in this cart for cutting and ironing.

my cutting/ironing table!

my cutting/ironing table!

I love my ironing mat. I just move my cutting mat to one of the shelves underneath when I’m done with it and unfold the ironing mat! The cart is built for my height (really tall!) and is on wheels so I can move it when I need to. It is one of my favorite tools because cutting fabric isn’t painful anymore! Using it as an ironing table is just icing on the cake.

Fabric storage

Fabric storage or rather fabric and batting explosion

As you can see, my storage method for fabric lends to the messy and disorganized side. I’ll need to invest in some proper cupboards down the road as my stash slowly increases in size. Sometime soon, I also need to reorganize my scraps. I have a little, rolling, plastic bin thingy for smaller scraps. My ideal organization for this set up that I currently have is for anything over a half yard to be on the shelves and then anything smaller in the bins. I just need time to go through everything and refold it. If only we had an extra hour a day, right?!


Threads and bobbins

My hubbie got me an amazing drop down sewing table over the summer that we found on craigslist that had this nifty thread storage system I love. My aurfil collection is very slowly growing beyond off white! I love aurifl thread and in the past have only bought it for piecing, but as I practice my free motion skills, I’ve been getting colors for certain projects!

My baby

The machine in all her old glory

And here is the machine behind the projects! She was given to me by my mother-in-law barely used. I haven’t named her yet, but I will in time. She is a great work horse of a machine. She also free motions like a champ! I wished that I had some newer features on her like needle down or an automatic thread cutter. Oh well, things to dream about for when I buy a new machine in the long off future! I can’t really complain too much because this is an amazing machine for my skills to grow on and I am so grateful to have been given it!

As you can see in these pictures there are some unusual items in the basement. A spare bee hive in case our hive swarms in the spring, patchy concrete walls and lots of extension cords. Just your typical unfinished basement turned quilting studio! I’d love to have a design wall, but the ceiling is pretty short, and I’m not sure if it is worth the hassle to figure out how to hang it on the foundation. I am dreading the day that we go full speed ahead on finishing the basement. Eventually we want our master bedroom and bathroom down there and my sewing studio in our current bedroom. I’ll have to move my sewing items to my in-laws house while that’s happening as there is no other space to set up in my very small house. Thankfully, we aren’t going to be starting that for a while and I can enjoy having my space in my own house. I’ll leave you today with an image that I see often while I am quilting, my son peeking through a hole in the ceiling, calling for me to come and say hi to him.

Hi Mom!

Hi Mom!

Have a great day everyone!


2 thoughts on “My “Studio”

  1. suth2

    Having your own space for sewing is ideal. I am lucky enough to now have a room for my sewing. I have yet to decorate it as I would like but that is something for me to do in the future when I have some spare time. 🙂


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