The First Quilt

Today I am itching to share with you my latest projects, but alas, they are gifts and I do not want to spoil the surprise for my family and friends. I thought instead I could share with you my very first quilt. I must mention that it was also my very first time using a sewing machine!

I got the idea to make a quilt as a way to stay connected to my Mom, who had moved to Tennessee. She had gotten back into quilting a few years before she moved and I was inspired by her work. She’d never taught me how to sew, I was more interested in baking, painting and sculpting as a kid. There was something about the craft that resonated with me when I got older. I was very fortunate that my step mom also quilted, otherwise I would never had known where to start. My step mom did a great job of taking me under her wing. She helped me design my own pattern, taught me how to do quilt math for all the fabric I was going to need, and set me up on her machine. These two women gave me the inspiration to start and the beginning skills and I will forever be grateful to both of them for quilting has become such an important part of who I am.

The very first quilt

The very first quilt

When I look at this quilt now, despite it’s flaws, I still see the tone that I follow to this day. I like to play with opposite colors, make it challenging by making my own pattern or changing a written pattern and do the quilting myself. Though not every quilt follows these ideals, the ones I love the most generally do.

Quilting done by me!

Quilting done by me!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my first quilt and learning how I got started in this awesome craft. Hope you guys have a great day!


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