Where I’ve been

When I started this blog, I had a personal goal of posting at least every two weeks. I knew that months would be more difficult then others, but life threw me a little hiccup. The end of summer is always busy for us. Work keeps us on our toes with lots of coworkers taking vacation and our spare time is spent making the most of summer with our little man before preschool starts again. Still I was hopeful. I have three current WIPs that I was working on after bedtime. Two of them are Christmas gifts for family members and the third is a Tinker Tote I started after I bought the Craftsy class. Progress an all three were being made and I was mentally getting ready for a WIP post when the hiccup came.

I threw out my back late at night by taking off my shoes. Man I am getting old. Pretty pathetic that something so small can land me out of commission for as long as this has. I’ve been to a chiropractor 4 times already and the recovery is slow going. I locked 3 joints and slipped a disc in my spine. The first day I needed to hold onto the walls and any surface available or I would have fallen over with muscle spasms. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy, it is so incredibly painful. Each day has progressively gotten better with stretching, ice and adjustments, but I have not been able to sew because the muscles in my back are seizing. It is incredibly frustrating because I have a lot I would like to accomplish and the holidays always sneak up on me so quickly. I remind myself to be patient and not push myself in fear of lengthening my recovery.

Last night was the first night that I felt ready to do more then lay down and watch movies or read. I ventured down stairs to grab my hand sewing kit and some batting to cover the backs of metal buttons on a couple pair of pants I bought before I hurt my back. See, I am highly allergic to nickel and any metal touching my skin will cause a breakout that takes a topical steroid to heal. Most pants have rivets as well so I have to be careful when buying them to make sure they are metal free. To make matters worse, I am VERY tall and finding pants long enough with no metal is about impossible. I had the thought that maybe hand sewing batting over the button would be enough material between my skin to not cause a reaction. So I bought a pair of cheap jeans from Bi-Mart and a pair of on sale capris to test it out. Normally, a single pair of slacks with no metal runs me $60, I got both of these for under $30. So I settled down on my couch with an ice pack and needle and thread, turned on some Doctor Who and used and invisible hem stitch around the batting.

008 009 006 005

I hope these hold up in the wash otherwise this might be a weekly project. If anyone has any other ideas for how to cover the backs, I’d love to hear suggestions. I might try sewing more of the Tinker Tote tonight or tomorrow while the mister is at school. I’m missing my creative time, if it’s too much, I just might start making more hexies just to have something to do with my hands!

In other news, my husband has decided it is time to start a salt water aquarium again. Before the mister was born, we had a 55 gallon tank. After he came, my hubbie didn’t have the time to maintain it and over a few short months it was over run with algae and an invasive plant so we sold the coral and fish and kept the equipment. Fast forward to a few weeks ago when he asked me permission to buy a 28 gallon Nano tank. I had missed having one, they are very peaceful and pretty, so did a family outing to the aquarium store and got it. We’re waiting for the water levels to be right before we add anything to it. It’s looking good and by tomorrow we should be able to take another outing to the store to get crabs and shrimp. Next will be corals and maybe a Nemo fish (clown fish) as the boy calls them!






















Hopefully I’ll get downstairs soon to work more on those WIPs! Look for a post about those soon!

Have a great day everyone!



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