Impatient gardening

* My son must have gotten a hold of my camera before I shot these pics because after I loaded them and started this post, I realized there is a small blur in all the shots. Sure enough, a small finger print on the lens. Sorry for not reshooting these, but I just didn’t have time.

There comes a time every summer when I can’t wait for my tomatoes to ripen. I want to eat them, can them, and savor them, but it’s never early enough for me. Maybe I should be planting both early season and late season varieties. This year, we had volunteer plants from last years rotten fruit that I left in the boxes to decompose. We picked the four best looking plants and moved them to a different box. Here they are, in their green glory.

012I have loads of fruit and not even a blush of red.  So very frustrating.

011Last year, these tomatoes made the BEST canned tomatoes. I can them simply, skinning them, crushing them into chunks with my hands and adding only salt and citric acid. The citric acid keeps my ph where I need it to be so I can safely use a water bath.  Then, all winter long, fry some garlic in olive oil, add some pepper flake and a jar of red gold as my husband calls them, and toss with whatever pasta we have on hand. Best easy dinner that the Mister will eat. He loves his pasta.

But as the title says, I am impatient and want to eat my home grown tomatoes NOW! Fried green tomato sandwiches to the rescue! I will be reminded when we have used the last jar of red gold that there could have been one more if I could have waited. And I will regret it then, but that is so far off I can’t resist.

009Slice them, salt them for an hour or two, dry them and then dredge in seasoned flour, eggs then seasoned cornmeal. Fried until golden. Slather some great toasted bread with a quick garlic lemon aioli and the cooled tomatoes for an amazing impatient dinner that the Mister will NOT eat. He will get a grilled cheese and some home made applesauce I canned last October.


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