Fabric coming in!

I didn’t mention in my last post that the day I took pictures of Rock Me Mama, was my birthday. My family has been very sweet and generous and gave me a bit of cash to spend on quilty things! So when I decided to go to the beach with the kiddo, I had to google quilt shops in Cannon Beach. I found Center Diamond which is just across the street from the midtown entry to the beach. I didn’t have oodles of time to hem and haw over my purchase, the Mister was a little restless and wanted to hit the beach again, but I did get some fabric for the 241 tote bag pattern I’ve had for several months. Now if I can just get the courage to make it! Anything 3D makes me uncomfortable as I have little experience with it.

241 tote fabric

A few months ago, I read at Katie’s Quilting Corner blog, that Fat Quarter Shop sells a 12 pound grab bag of quilting fabrics.  I have a very small stash, so that much yardage for a great price is really appealing and became my top priority for spending birthday money. It shipped super fast and I some how managed to have an hour of child free time to unpack and organize it all! Here it is all pretty and ready to be put away.

Fat Quarter Shop Grab Bag

There are several fabrics I am really excited about. Just look at that stack of solids! And the blues! I had to separate them by light and dark so that they wouldn’t fall over. Perfect for me because I am always drawn to blue. Here are my two favorites, though let me tell you that they were hard to pick!


A few weeks ago, my sisters took me out to dinner to celebrate, child free. We decided to go to Alberta St. and do dinner and dessert within walking distance. Wouldn’t you know, there was a quilt shop across the street from dinner. It seems I am always dragging my sisters to odd stores for my birthday. Last year it was a second hand cookbook/gardening book store. They both didn’t mind and thought it was fun to go somewhere new. Bolt is a lot of fun, lots of modern fabric to browse through. I decided to use some more b-day cash and bought the fabric for a improve circle wall hanging I’ve had in my head for several months.


I’m pretty excited about this one. I don’t have a lot of experience with curves, but I have watched a lot of tutorials and now I need to do a few practice blocks.  This one is for me though, so it might get put on the backburner while I try and get a head start on x-mas gifts for friends and family.


I also came a cross some paper clip fabric that was too cute, and a few fat quarters. I’m sure it won’t be a struggle to figure out what to do with them! So now I have fabric for oodles of projects and not enough time to work on any of them! Thank goodness school starts here at the beginning  of September!


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