A bit about beekeeping

My husband and I decided to keep bees three years ago and what an adventure it has been! His boss, at the time, ordered a starter hive and started talking about it with him. I didn’t even know that you COULD keep bees in a suburban neighborhood! After some research online and reading this book front to back, we could hardly wait to get our starter hive.
Our brand new hive!

Let me warn you, it is NOT a cheap startup. You need a hive, frames, extra supers, paint for said hive, a bee suit of some fashion, gloves, a hive tool, a smoker and a bee brush. You must have all of these items BEFORE you even get bees! So if you are considering getting into this hobby, do your research and make friends with the people at your local bee supply store.

The reason, you ask, for buying all of this? One word: honey. Glorious, delicious, amazing honey like you have never tasted, and the satisfaction that it came from pollinating millions of flowers.

Delicious honey!

We have all been stung, some more that others. Let’s just say that my son learned FAST to always wear shoes out in the backyard. We also had not one, but FOUR swarms last year, which was very nerve racking.

swarm number 3

It all becomes worth it in the fall when we harvest. Last year we got three and a half gallons of honey from our small hive. This year with the all the swarming happening, we hope to get two gallons. We harvest at the end of September and I will do a post about the process soon after.


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