A little bit about quilting

I am a fairly new quilter. I finished my first quilt 12 years ago, then started a project that was beyond my skill level and got discouraged and quit for many years. In my opinion, the best piece of advice for any new quilter is to keep it simple in the beginning. It’s not fun to pick a pattern and start working on it, only to get frustrated. You will get there! But for your first few quilts, simple designs are best.

I just finished a quilt for my best friend. I’m calling it Pinwheels and Flowers. Several years ago, I went to visit her in Brooklyn for the first time since she moved. She is an incredibly talented artist and has a collection of fun different artwork behind her bed and it gave me the inspiration for her quilt.

quilt in the garden!

quilt in the garden!

I do believe that this will be my last large quilt for a while. It took my 2 years and a new to me sewing machine to finish it! Smaller projects will help me develop my free motion quilting, and expanding my piecing skills, with the satisfaction of faster finishes.

Right now, I am working on a baby blanket for a coworker expecting their first child. I got the quilt sandwich basted and last night, started quilting it! I haven’t named it yet and am referring to it as my Negative Space EPP quilt.

In progress!

In progress!

A close up on the hexi quilting

A close up on the hexi quilting

I’m hoping that when I echo the giant hexagon that it will make it pop a bit more, if not, then it has been an awesome learning experience. I really like EEP and will have to play some more with it!


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